To address the challenges of modern, intelligent information management described above, we have recently launched M-Files Online: the new true hybrid cloud content services platform that brings your information management to the new era:

  • In M-Files, documents are just one type of asset and although important, it’s still just one among others. We allow our customers to view and manage business data, business processes and all related documents in the same place.
  • You can use M-Files Online as a centralized repository for all data or connect it to external systems and repositories without the need for data migration. Perhaps the most popular data repositories in businesses are network shares so all M-Files Online subscribers receive a connector without extra cost.
  • M-Files Online lets you freely combine on-premises and cloud workloads without having to purchase separate user licenses for each system.
  • M-Files now releases updates to the software on a monthly basis, or even more frequently if needed. To help you to get the most out of the new monthly release cadence, the modern native clients for M-Files (M-Files Desktop and M-Files Mobile) are now automatically updated without intervention from the IT department. This ensures that all users always get the latest and greatest version of the software on their computers without a need for manual updates.
  • M-Files Online offers artificial intelligence features, such as automatic metadata suggestions and image analysis for free to help you get your metadata right without laborious manual metadata entry.

M-Files Online helps your employees focus on information that is relevant to the task at hand. With M-Files Online, we can more confidently claim that we change the way the world manages information.