5 Tips for Maintaining Work-life Balance

We now have worked from home for months, with varying degrees of freedom to move around. Depending on which country you are based in, you may be totally confined to your home complex or are able to run your errands in the city. During this time, the world has experienced some more things,

  • Many more COVID-19 infected people, some even in our known circle
  • Many losing their jobs or having reduced incomes
  • Economy taking a hit, as people are spending money on essentials only
  • On the work front, a lot more time being spent in front of laptops and mobile devices

All these changes can bring more stress to our lives. Negative energies of these financial, emotional, and work pressures can impact your health. We need a balance in our existence to survive and thrive. Here are five quick tips for maintaining this balance,

  1. Exercise more – Start your day with some physical exercises, yoga, and meditation. The combination can be very peaceful and calming for your being
  2. Shorter meetings – Set 15-minute or 45-minute meetings instead of 30- and 60-minute ones. A lot of times, the meeting only requires that much productive time
  3. Frequent breaks – Take frequent breaks. Do not be shy to take 10 minutes here and there to look away from the screen, spend time with the family, or just stretch
  4. More video calls – Video calls will bring additional dimensions of a conversation, which makes meetings more dynamic and enjoyable
  5. More ad hoc calls – Do not let your calendar drive your day. Allow for ad hoc calls with your colleagues to mimic hallway chats or water cooler gossips

The idea is to pace ourselves, before these long hours start creating fatigue. Set an end time for your day. Unless something is urgent, close your laptop at that time, after which it is your family and/or me time. More importantly, use your weekends to revitalize for following weeks. The COVID situation can last for months. In this digitally connected new world, we owe it to ourselves and our employers that we stay healthy both physically and emotionally by maintaining a work-life balance in our lives. Maintain social distance, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Source: https://newgensoft.com/blog/7-quick-tips-to-make-work-from-home-more-productive/